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Art Healing

Art is one of the most powerful methods for healing available to humans. So often, that which we most need to express feels impossible to communicate. Sometimes emotions, thoughts, and experiences are  difficult to untangle even within ourselves. Through the act of creation, we find a cathartic way to process our emotions and experiences that provide clarity, making us feel seen and understood. Moreover, we find we understand ourselves better. 

After establishing trust and rapport with her clients, Anna begins all of her sessions by guiding clients through deep breathing and a guided meditation to calm any anxiety and bring the body into a state of equilibrium. Then, clients are guided through various artistic processes/projects based on their individual needs. 

Her focus is always on transmuting the darkest parts of the psyche into beautiful works of art that anchor her clients into the emotions of love, gratitude, and forgiveness. 

Anna has worked in this capacity with both children and adults, with a special focus on healing sexual trauma, PTSD, managing anxiety levels, and reprogramming negative thought patterns.

Anna is also available to couples and families looking to create a unique bonding experience of love and creativity, that will result in a beautiful painting they can hang in their home. 

Appointments available in-person or virtual 

3-hour session: $2350 (in-person : supplies included)

                          $1625 (virtual : supplies not included)

Please reach out via e-mail if you'd like to know more about this offering and how she can work with you.

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