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Concrete Wall



Exploring the fractal nature of abstract paint layers dragged onto canvas.
The first NFT collection by Anna Judd. 

Cement Wall

"This unique collection invokes discussion about distance and detail, scale and substance, and whether a single part can be greater than a whole."
Anna Judd 



Scales is Anna's latest collection of oil paintings employing highly sought after abstract techniques - converted into 10,000 completely unique NFTs.

Beginning life as a physical painting, each piece is fully transitioned to the digital by subdividing the original canvas into individual "Scales".


Each Scale is minted only once (1 of 1), making each truly inimitable.


A Scale is an individual artwork, wholly unique, yet an equal microcosm of a greater work. These works paradoxically exist as both partial, and full ownership of a complete artwork.

Together, the Scales in a series form a complete opus, and every Scale can be digitally displayed at up to 46 in² with perfect clarity. Buyers of the NFT will receive a 4600x4600 px image - 4x the resolution of Scales displayed on this site. Click here for a full size sample or here to browse the entire collection.

These paintings, as NFTs, democratize ownership of Anna's artwork across many collectors and facilitate collection of adjacent Scales. Collectors may wish to own a single Scale, an entire work composed of many Scales, or any other combination for investment and polyptych display.


Any collector of four Scales in a row from any painting becomes part of the Scales Royalty Club, entitling them to many benefits. 

Any collector who assembles an entire painting (from 16 to 35 Scales) joins the elite
Magnum Opus Club, entitling them to the original oil on canvas painting and other benefits.


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