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What is the Royalty Club?

Membership in the Royalty Club is your ticket to passive income from Scales ownership.

A 5% royalty from the secondary sale of all Scales is placed into a pool and distributed monthly to all members.

How can I join?

Simply collect and hold four adjacent scales in a row (either across or down) - a "Set". As long as you hold them in the same wallet, you will receive passive income from the entire Scales collection.


How many seats are in the Club?

In theory, there will be 2,500 potential seats in the Royalty Club. In reality, there are far fewer due to wide distribution of Scales ownership.

Are there any rules?

Each scale can only be used once to form a Set.


How often are payouts made?

Monthly. At 12PM PST, on the first day of each month, a snapshot of all Set hodlers is taken from the Ethereum blockchain. Distributions are claimed monthly by holding wallets at and include all royalties accumulated in the pool since the prior month's payout.

This payout schedule is similar to musical chairs. You must be hodling your Set when the music stops (when the monthly snapshot is taken). Even if you collect the final Scale in a set at the last possible minute, you will be paid for the entire month of royalties.

What about gas fees?

Gas fees are paid by holders when executing your withdraw from the smart contract. Your royalty payout therefore must be greater than the gas fees to claim it.

How is the Royalty pool divided?

The 5% Royalty pool is divided evenly by the total number of collected sets into single shares . One share per Set can be claimed by wallets holding them. 

What if I collect two or more sets?

Each Set of 4 adjacent scales will earn you one share of royalty payouts.

Example: You own three Sets and so receive three shares of the Royalty pool.

Stay tuned for the announcement of additional future benefits to club membership.

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Cement Wall


Cement Wall

What is the Magnum Opus Club?

If all Scales comprising a whole painting are collected by any single wallet, it will trigger the minting of a fully assembled NFT of the entire composition. In addition to receiving multiple shares of royalty payouts, this newly minted NFT will be sent to your wallet.


This full composition work will be available for you to download and display at a stunning 18,400x23,000px.  


Magnum Opus members can expect surprise benefits to be added over time.

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