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What is the Royalty Club?

Membership in the Royalty Club is your ticket to beautiful art, incredible community, exclusive giveaways, and more.

Members get 2 free Scales in every drop - and, royalties, kinda.†

How can I join?

Simply collect and hold four adjacent scales in a row (either across or down) - a "Set". As long as you hold them in the same wallet, you're IN the Royalty Club.


How many seats are in the Club?

In theory, there will be 2,500 potential seats in the Royalty Club. In reality, there are far fewer due to wide distribution of Scales ownership.

Are there any rules?

Each scale can only be used once to form a Set.

What are the benefits to club membership?

You'll own at least four gorgeous Scales. In a row! (or column)

2 Scales for free in every single drop

Access to the exclusive Royalty Club

Exclusive art giveaways from world class artists

Helpful and generous community of collectors



Free AI upscaling for all Scales prints

Royalty sharing, kinda.†

The sooner you join, the more Scales you can stack, the more you can trade, the more friends you can make, the more clout you'll have, the more giveaways you might win, the more high fives you'll get, but most importantly, the more incredible ART you'll have!

👑 How often are payouts made?

As of 2023, most NFT marketplaces moved against creators by making royalties on all collections optional.

Due to this drastic change, royalties have been reduced to a degree where gas cost to claim them is more than the reward for holding a set.

We have suspended royalty payouts until such time that the reward/set is higher then the gas cost to claim it.

Please join our discord for real-time updates.

How are royalties divided?

Half of all royalties received are placed into the Royalty pool which is divided evenly by the total number of collected sets into single shares . One share per Set can be claimed by wallets holding them. 

What if I collect two or more sets?

Each Set of 4 adjacent scales will earn you one share of royalty payouts.

Example: You own three Sets and so receive three shares of the Royalty pool.

What about gas fees?

Gas fees are paid by holders when executing your withdraw from the smart contract. Your royalty payout therefore must be greater than the gas fees to claim it.

Stay tuned for the announcement of additional future benefits to club membership.

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Cement Wall


Cement Wall

What is the Magnum Opus Club?

Any collector who collects all Scales comprising a full painting are granted entry into the Magnum Opus Club. This is a difficult feat, requiring coordination, communication and perseverance. For this, collectors are granted the highest Scales honor. 


What are the benefits to club membership?

Everything you get with Royalty Club +


All collectors will receive their original, physical oil painting at the conclusion of the project.

You'll own 16 - 35 gorgeous Scales!

A fully assembled NFT of the entire composition


2 MORE free Scales in every single drop

Access to exclusive future art drops

More royalty sharing, kinda.†

Over 35 full paintings have already been collected.


Magnum Opus members can expect surprise benefits to be added over time.

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