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Scales FAQ

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about the Scales NFT project. If you cannot find the answer to your question, please reach out to our team by clicking HERE or join the DISCORD.

How can I join the Scales Community?

Scales will be conducting monthly drops of 500-1000 FREE NFTs beginning June 22nd 2022. As new Scales are created, periodic drops will be conducted until the collection reaches 10,000. Join the Discord to be the first to get future drop dates!

I'm new to NFTs. How can I get some Scales?


1) Download the Metamask browser extension

2) Fund your new wallet with a little ETH (for gas fees)

3) Follow us on Twitter @ScalesNFT and get in our Discord to join the most recent allowlist registration!

4) Go to and mint your Scale(s) on drop day! 

Everyone who wants 2 free Scales can follow @scalesnft and @itsannajudd on Twitter, DM and engage with opportunities to join the allow list. Our focus is on supporting those who make positive contributions to web3, either through their creative work or their generosity in helping us spread the word.

When will I be able to mint my Scales?

Join the Discord to be the first to get future drop dates!

How many Scales will be available?

A new drop of 500-1000 Scales is scheduled for release periodically until we reach 10,000 works. That's it, forever. 

What Blockchain will you be using?


Which wallets can I use to buy Scales?

You can use a Metamask wallet to mint your 2 free Scales. To buy Scales on secondary marketplaces, you can use a variety of wallets. Please check with your marketplace of choice for wallet compatibility.

Is there aallow list?

YES. To get your two free Scales, you must be on our allow list. We are aiming for the widest distribution possible. To get your spot, please fill out the recent allow list application easily found in our Discord.

Where will I be able to view my Scales?

Once you mint your Scales, you will be able to view them on all marketplaces hosting the Scales collection. You may also download your Scales in HD (4600x4600px) from the IPFS link in our smart contract.

What are your secondary Royalties?

Secondary royalties of 15% are declared in our smart contract, but capped at 10% and made optional by marketplaces. Half of the amount we do collect is divided up among Royalty Club members. (Collectors who hold 4 adjacent scales in any painting.) 


What is the Royalty Club?


A 5% royalty from all secondary sales is placed into the Royalty Club pool and is evenly distributed to all collectors who hold 4 scales in a row (across or down). 

Will the free Scales I mint be in a row?

Scales will be minted randomly. If you choose to mint two Scales, the chances that you will receive two Scales in a row is not likely, but also not impossible. In order to collect more and join the Royalty Club, you will have to purchase these Scales from other owners on secondary marketplaces.

How can I communicate with other Scales owners?

Join our Discord to chat with other owners in the “Collectors Corner”.

Can I buy Scales prints?

Yes! Whether you own the NFT or not, you can purchase authentic Scales on the world's finest print media at

How are you supporting the artistic community?

We will be gifting Scales (gas included) to established visual artists as well as emerging talent in the space. We will also make sure to distribute the Scales between both creators and collectors to promote a vibrant secondary marketplace.

Am I allowed to use the art to create new art?

Artists are encouraged to use Scales that they own to make collaborative works. Outside of creating art for web3, we respectfully ask that you not use or sell the Scales for commercial purposes.

We ask that you always give credit to this project in any collaboration, and how/if you decide to reciprocate any earnings from your sales of these NFTs is up to you. Our wallet address is: 0xD19830428048Ec3d72eC9e4debA2C3cb2B90E6d8

Where can I see all the paintings and plan my game?

Visit The Scales gallery to see all the paintings and the scales. This is the main hub to view the art and plan your collection game.

Will you do giveaways?

In accordance with the laws of nature, we are gifting ALL 10,000 scales to the community. To get allow listed to mint 2 free Scales, follow us on Twitter @ScalesNFT and get in our Discord to join the most recent allowlist registration!

How can I help the community grow?

NFT projects thrive off a healthy community. You can help grow the community by engaging with the team and each other on our Discord and having proactive and supportive conversation. Invite your friends, get people excited about the Royalty Club and minting free Scales!

How long have you been working on the project?

Anna has spent the better part of 20 years as a visual artist and began creating work for the Scales collection in early 2021.

Do you plan on releasing other NFT projects in the future?

Scales is a one of a kind collection and will only have 10,000 pieces minted. When the Scales collection finishes minting, a new and different collection may begin, focused on Metaverse. Join our Discord and let us know what you’d like to see in the future.

Who else is on the team?

As of 2024, the core team consists of 3 members.

Anything Else?

We will be exploring the possibility of a community pool to finance projects both within our community and elsewhere. We are also very excited about possibilities around virtual galleries, expansion into metaverse and exclusive auctions.

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