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soul expression 

what is a soul expression movie?

A Soul Expression Movie is like a vision board, but in living color, and wildly more effective.

With breathtaking footage and carefully curated imagery, the Soul Expression Movie tells a visual story about your future self and the life you want to be consciously creating.

Accompanied by motivating music and overlaid with positive affirmations, it works to fully engage the senses and put you in an elevated state, where real change is not only possible, but inevitable.

In essence, it is an expression of your soul- past, present, and future. 

BELOW: A movie for humanity

Watch the video below if you need a reminder about how breathtakingly beautiful this existence is. Remember who we are. Remember who YOU are. Commit to raising your vibration and co-creating a future of abundance, harmony with nature, true freedom, and limitless love.


Let's make it happen, starting with what we choose to believe.

How Does It Work?

We are all aware of how the advertising industry uses subliminal messaging to create desire, habits, and beliefs that make whatever they are selling seem like a necessity. Often, visuals and messaging are used that play on our fears and insecurities.


Even when we are aware that we are being manipulatedy, and think we are immune, it still changes our behavior. This is not sorcery; it is simply how the brain works.

Soul Expression Movies operate in the same way, only the intent is your empowerment, and the messaging employed amplifies the positive emotions of love, joy, and gratitude. Once your movie is created, and you watch it over and over again, the subliminal messaging works it’s way into your subconcious mind bit by bit. Limiting beliefs melt away, your perception of reality changes and sharpens, and doors begin to magically open that lead to the realization of your dreams.


Working closely with Anna and visionary coach Cora Darlington, your results will be tremendously enhanced, and the experience will leave you with more than just a beautiful video. If you use this tool correctly, your life will suddenly seem to be an adventure, where you are the hero, and the possibilities are unlimited.




The opportunity to have a Soul Expression movie made for you by Anna Judd is a life -altering experience of being seen and held in your highest possible light. She is a visionary for what is best and most elevated in you and is able to reflect that back to you in a format that allows you to honor and witness your future self.


The experience of taking in your own movie is transformational. You are able to short-circuit old belief patterns and rewire in a truer, wider, and bolder conception of who you are and who you are becoming.

Elizabeth Janowski, CEO of Sonata Aesthetics & Skin Care

OUR mission

It is our mission to empower visionaries, creators, and compassionate leaders to

fully embody their highest selves, so that they may make a profound and positive impact on

the world. We provide groundbreaking tools to help our clients become more aligned with

their purpose and values, more abundant in their careers, and joyfully effective at creating

a reality the serves the highest good.

your movie

is your 



when you find yourself in a

state of fear or insecurity,

watching your movie will

raise your vibration

so you can get back to creating

the reality you want.

Making a Soul Expression Movie is an intensive eight-week process. For the first four weeks, clients work with intuitive coach Cora Darlington to distill and design their future life: how they want to feel, what they want to create, and who they want to be. The next four weeks are an artistic collaborative process between the client and Anna to create a movie with music, images, and affirmations that create the uplifting, emotional experience necessary for quick & effective manifestation. The process is hugely transformative, emotionally and physically. 

WEEK ONE: Introduction/Discovery Session

WEEK TWO: Your Life in Review (60-minute call)

WEEK THREE: Surrender & Creating From Soul (60-minute call)

WEEK FOUR: Distill & Crystallize (60-minute call)

WEEK FIVE: Initiate Artistic Creative Collaboration With Anna 

WEEK SIX & SEVEN: Soul Expression Creative Collaboration in Full Effect

WEEK EIGHT: Delivery of Mind Movie and Integration

the process

REady to explore?

Because of the immersive nature of our work, it is necessary that we only

collaborate with a very limited number of clients.

Please fill out the following form, and 

we will get back to you if it feels like you're a good fit. 

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