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Anna offers one-on-one virtual coaching for creatives who need accountability, witnessing, and extensive feedback for their creative work. She immerses herself in your work and world, and provides you compassionate and clear guidance on how to move forward. Whether you're creating a new series of paintings, writing the next great American novel, or orchestrating a new movement, this personally curated mentorship program can help you to:

  • clarify and distill your purpose

  • clearly define your goals and illuminate a path towards them

  • provide accountability for goal setting

  • provide encouragement and support for getting through creative blocks 

  • workshop and provide critical feedback for your work 

  • brainstorm ideas about how to expand your work 

  • constantly remind you of how important your work is until you stop doubting it, and then some

To inquire about whether a creative mentorship would be right for you, book a consultation with Anna to talk about what you're working on (or what you know you should be working on.)

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